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Don't know where to start or feeling overwhelmed with your house?

We declutter, style, and help create WOW factors inside and outside of your property with our high quality services. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. 

We will provide expert opinions on how to declutter, maintain or style your home using 5 simple words … RELOVE - REMEMBER - RECYCLE - REPAIR - RUBBISH … these five words make up the foundation of our business and we will give you the home you want, the price you may need or the calmness you crave.



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Ins & Outs will declutter and organise a property to make it look more appealing for a buyer or tenant

  •  Styling and using accessories (cushions, throws, art, mats, candles, baskets) to help make your photos stand out and make your house appeal. 

  •  Offering advice about placement of furniture and move it if requested. 

  • Suggestions and offering advice to assist with market preparedness. 

Suggestions may range from a simple entrance enhancement to a full house paint.


  • Decluttering and make suggestions about what you could keep to fit in with your new life and new space. 

  •  Setting up your new home and helping you make it feel like a space you love and you can be proud of.

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  • Consulting with all family and professionals involved in the estate (lawyer, trustees, executors and family members). 

  • Receive two walkthroughs; initial and post sorting.

  • Discover the importance of sentimental items and explain the sorting system that Ins and Outs use.  

  • The estate is sorted in line with our Relove (family members), Remember (photos may need to be shared amongst family, memorabilia), Reuse (2nd hand shop - chosen by the family) and Rubbish policy. 

  • Everything separated and nothing will leave the property until every family member has been back through the property.  At that stage they will get the opportunity to re identify anything they may want and then all items will be dealt with in line with solicitors/ executors or public trusts instructions.


  • Consult with the couple and any professionals involved in the separation. 

  • Receive two walkthroughs; initial and post sorting.

  • Independent walk through with Ins and Outs and “Identifiers”, photos taken of each item with “Identifier”.  Items of concern can be stored.  Items that belong to individuals will be put aside and agreed on by both parties. 


We have used Gemma and Phil as our property managers since we left the Kapiti Coast, and we’ve been really happy with their service. We get reminders about services we need to consider, and when our tenant contacts them it is dealt promptly and professionally. We are so pleased we chose Ins and Outs to manage our property.

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